Sunday, April 10, 2011

Affectionate Men

Printed on postcard stock. The message on the front reads, "this is Charley with the cap on it was taking at the fest fall Bel lost" At least I think that's what the writer meant, since "fall" is off where it shouldn't be. The Message on the back, "gime 15 1911 Dear mother as were are all well and soray to here that Iris is not well. I dont see how i could com out But i love to. I have 40 turkies But few chicknes this is my day to take Butter to moristoun. Roy has got the cows here and i must milk. I sit a letter soon B By and send Kate our love to." The name of the addressee is partly obscured by the post mark but I think it's "Mrs (obscured) Rork, Greensburg, Indiana RR6" Greensburg is the county seat of Decatur county and had a population of 5,140 in 1910. The postmark is a bit smeared, so I can't make out the name of the town where it was mailed, but I can make out, "JUNE 16 4 PM 1911 OHIO"

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