Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vermont in Color 2

More color snapshots from Vermont! The first four photos are labeled "Fri. Sept. 1, 1961" In addition, the fourth photo is also labeled, "Our 41st Ann." I assume that is a reference to the couple's 41st wedding anniversary. The rest of the photos are labeled, "Sun. Sept. 3, 1961." And now for how I figured out that these photos are from Vermont. Images five and six are also labeled, "Kent's Museum." And the last three, "Walcott Church." I went through a road map atlas, very old school, and found all the Walcotts in the United States. Then I went on the net and began looking for a Kent's museum in one of the states with a Walcott. What I found was Kent's Tavern State Museum in Montpelier, Vermont.

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