Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The 1931 Polytechnic Tour to Grindelwald, Switzerland 8

The last from this album, and I would really recommend that anyone interested should navigate back to part one, and view things in order. There was some non photographic ephemera, maps, and brochures, in the back of the album, and while I was able to get most of it scanned, when a rip in the Simplon map started to get bigger, I gave up on further scans. The last three maps in this post, top to bottom, should read as the actual map reads. There are two postcards in this post, but the second, the one in black & white, was pasted into the album, so if it was sent and there was a message on the back, we'll never know. The other is addressed to "Miss Violet Grey, Freeman Street, Wells-on-Sea, Norfolk, England" The message, "Hotel Schweizerhof Zermatt Switzerland Wednesday So sorry that you've not been well. Would have visited you at Norwich had I known in time. Last week, we went to this Blue Lake near Kandersteg where the Scout's Jamboree was held. It's even more blue than the P. Card. We came here last Sunday. Zermatt is a mountain village, very cold & bracing.-Love Ron Pye" Well, Violet Grey and Ron Pye are great names, and this is the only card not sent by either Eve or Jim. So, we have Jim and Eve, probably too old to be students, judging by their pictures, so they're probably staff or faculty at the polytechnic, from Norwich in Norfolk, a county in England. The best candidate for the actual school would be The King's Lynn Technical School, founded in 1894, renamed The Norfolk College of Arts and Technology in 1973. After merging with several other local colleges, in 1998, it was again renamed, this time The College of West Anglia. And Jim and Eve? It's a good bet they were in some sort of relationship. Did it lead to marriage, or not? Anyone out there who might know are invited to leave a comment.

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