Monday, April 4, 2011

Vermont in Color 1

I've been wanting to add some more color snapshots to the blog, and these, I think, make a nice start. All have a Kodacolor logo on the back of the print. starting in 1942, Kodacolor was the first practical, true color film offered to the general public. Before loosing an anti-trust suit in 1954 Kodacolor could only be processed and printed by Kodak. The people who took these photos were very detail oriented. Each print is dated, in neat, easy to read script. The first seven prints are dated, "Sat. Aug. 19, 1961." The last three, all of the man on the chaise, are dated, "Mon. Aug. 21, 1961." In addition, the last print of the series has, "G's 40th B'Day." I assume that G is the lady in the blue dress. Two more parts coming.

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