Sunday, April 17, 2011

The 1931 Polytechnic Tour to Grindelwald, Switzerland 7



It looks like the Polytechnic faculty has left Grindelwald for a side trip. The only postcard in this post is addressed to "Mrs. R. A. Rowe, Norwich Rd. Norwich, Norfolk, Angleterre." The message, "Lucerne, Dear M., Just a day trip here-Having a lovely time -we arrive Victoria about 5 pm on Sunday. I will be home Monday about 3.30 (Norwich) Having lovely weather. Blazing sunshine today-lots to tell you. Jim." With only a few days until the trip is over Ja has gone back to his actual name. Is Ja a nickname or initials, or maybe he was trying to say yes in German. The Hotel Pilatus Klum is another Swiss hotel at the end of a cog railway. This one the steepest line in Europe. It was built in 1890 and is still open. The Graf Zeppelin was built in 1928, just three years before this trip. It flew over a million miles, made 590 flights, 144 ocean crossings, and carried 13, 100 passengers before being retired in 1937, just a month after the Hindenburg disaster. It was scrapped in 1940.

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