Saturday, April 16, 2011

The 1931 Polytechnic Tour to Grindelwald, Switzerland 6

I love to hike and backpack, and when I go off into the mountains or across the desert, I prefer not to see other people. And while I've run into some interesting ruins, I also would rather not see man made structures. When I look at old photos, I like to see people, things, and buildings, so I'm happy to get past the scenery of the last two posts. The pictures of the trains are of the Jungfraubahn, a narrow gauge, cog railway with only five stations, Kleine Scheidegg, Eigergletschen, Eigernordwand, Eismeer, and Jungfraujoch, the highest railroad station in Europe. Construction started in 1912, and was finished in 1924. In 1931 a research station and observatory opened at Jungfraujoch. Perhaps that's why the Polytechnic faculty decided to vacation in Switzerland. Look at the second separate image. It's Eve, of course, but who is the man? My guess is that her companion, Jim, handed the camera to a fellow tourist and asked for a snap.

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