Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tiny Pictures 2

The two ovals on this strip are just a little bit bigger than my thumbnails, and my hands aren't abnormally large.  I'm always amazed when I realize that something this small and delicate has survived for, at least, 100 years.

Tiny Pictures 1

I run across these small strips of photos, from time to time.  At first, I thought they must have come from some sort of photo booth, which didn't really make any sense.  It's true that camera manufacturers were making self developing systems in the late 19th century,  but they were very expensive, very unreliable, and very rare.  I latter found out that camera makers offered film holders with a movable slide.  Take one photo on a glass plate, move the slide and take another image, then process and contact.  And, of course, there were cameras made with multiple lenses that could make multiple exposures at the same time.  This isn't one of those.  If it was, both exposures would be the same.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Woman With Dog

This is the second of my two new, ash tray smelling, framed photographs, and now that they're both scanned and uploaded I can put them in a box and smother the odor.  There's nothing written on the frame or photo, but the chin looks similar, so maybe it might be an older version (As in a picture taken years latter.) of Bess Gilbert.  It makes sense since the photos are from the same source and both have that distinctive tobacco smell.  

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bess Gilbert

I bought a couple of nice framed photos for a buck, got them home, and realized they smelled of cigarette smoke.  If I knew how much they were going to stink up the place, I would have passed.  Anyway, they really are nice pictures, so they get scanned right away so I can get them in a nice storage box.  Written on the back of the frame, "Gina one year old, Dec. 1960."  Written on the back of the print, "Bess Gilbert."  I'm going with Bess.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Italian Mason

As a rule, I crop out captions, but let's be honest, the caption makes this photo far more interesting.  Written on the back, "Topping off. 6/20/80."  Well, I guess you have to top off when mixing cement.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meet Me At the Fair

Remember World's Fairs?  When I was a kid I desperately wanted to go to a World's Fair.  Seattle was the one I wanted to visit the most.  I really wanted to go up into the Space Needle and ride the monorail.  Eventually I would do both, though the awe factor was lessened by age.

World's Fairs were basically trade shows writ large.  Big companies  like General Motors and IBM had their own pavilions, while countries would showcase everything from the arts, national customs, and of course, business opportunities.

Written on the back, "Again the "Unisphere."  Notice the beds of flowers.  The landscaping was beautiful.  In the distance on the right is the New York State Pavilion and tower which we went up into and from which the next picture was taken.  New York Worlds Fair May 1965."

The New York World's Fair ran from 1964 through 1965.  The Unisphere is still there.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Northern European Mystery Location

Navigate back a few posts, and you'll find a postcard of Christiania, now Oslo, the capital of Norway.  This photo really reminds me of that card.  This may not be a photo of Oslo, but it does have that northern European vibe.  Take a close look at the street.  A Volkswagen,  probably not a clean diesel, and a car that looks like it's from the thirties.  I'm guessing late forties, early fifties on this one.