Monday, March 30, 2015

Views of the World, Morro Castle, Havana, Cuba

Well, it's been a week since my last post.  The fact is, I've been out backpacking.  In 1985, I soloed The Pacific Coast Trail, from the Mexican border to Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia.  Anyway, when I walked it, there were still some sections in southern California that hadn't been completed.  Thought I'd knock off one of those sections,  Walker Pass, to Kelso Creek Road.  In a nut shell, the first part, the mountainous part, was pretty easy.  It was after I dropped down into the Mojave Desert that things got unpleasant.  Hot, open, dusty, and worst of all, no shade.  Too, it doesn't help that I turned 60 in January.  So, I turned back early, and since I'm back, I might as well get back to one of the collections that I dribble out from time to time.

Okay, as I've noted before, I've owned this collection of postcards since I was in high school.  In an earlier post, I noted that Views of the World, sure as hell looked like Views of the United States.  As promised, the rest of the world....sort of.  Morro Castle is one of several forts built, by the Spanish, to defend Havana Harbor and Cuba.  It was completed in 1640.

So, is the (foolish, pointless) embargo of Cuba over?  Got me, I'm sure the Republican party will do their best to prevent Americans form flooding Cuba, spending Yankee greenbacks.  Now, as any regular visitor to The New Found Photography knows, I spent decades working in photo labs.  Let me tell you, the embargo, at least as far as tourism goes, didn't work.  I printed vacation photos from Cuba all the time.  Rich people, famous people, political people, from both the right and left.  Countries like Mexico and Canada didn't give a rat's behind about our tourism laws, and if an American wanted to visit Havana, a ticket could be bought in Toronto for a quick flight to the island.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Ladies On Stage

Before I forget, the white line in the foreground is a crease in the print, not a step.

So what are these ladies doing?  Is it a play, Christmas Pageant, something to do with church?  Got me, but something's going on.  Because of the wreath in the background, I'm going with Christmas.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Was It a Flood?

Well, it's a damaged print, we can be sure of that.  And the reflections in the foreground, that's probably from standing water, but just melting snow or a flood?

Head & Shoulders

Actually, it's labeled "Shoulders & Head."  Mid century modern, from the fifties, I would think.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Polish Sled Dogs

Any Polish speakers out there?  I thought about trying my hand with Google translate, but I suspect I'd get some mash-up that makes only marginal sense.  What's really important is that these two photos are dated.  The top, 1976 and the bottom, 1977.

Anyway, I did do some research into Zakopane, Poland.  It's a town, 28,000 people as of 2004, on the southern border of Poland, near Slovakia. It's at the foot of the Tatra Mountains.  The first written reference to Zakopane dates back to the mid 17th century, referenced not as a town, but a meadow.  By 1676, a village of 43.  By 1889, a climatic health resort of 3,000.  (That's when the treatment of tuberculosis was clean, mountain air.)  And then there was the Hitler/Stalin Pact.  People have forgotten, but World War 2 pretty much began with a joint German, Soviet invasion of Poland.  Soviet NKVD agents and Gestapo officers met in Zakopane to formulate a plan for the pacification of Polish resistance movements.  Today Zakopane is a resort catering to mountaineers, Alpine, and Nordic skiers, snow boarders, and ski jumpers.

Now about the dogs.  The guy who sold these to me swore up and down that they're Saint Bernards.  I don't think he's right but then again, the only dogs I've ever had were mutts, so what do I know.  In our pet-centric world, it's hard to remember, but there was a time when dogs that didn't work, didn't get fed.  I'm going to recommend a DVD, Landmarks of Early Film.  From Blackhawk and Image Entertainment, it's an anthology of film shorts from 1886 to 1913, including The Dog and His Various Merits.  Released in France, in 1908 by Pathe, it's pretty much what the title implies, working dogs, working.  If you've ever wanted to see a dog delivering milk, here's your chance.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's Square Format Thursday!

How many times do I have to tell you people?  There's no such thing as square format Thursday!  So why did I buy these two snapshots?  Well I've always liked the see my dress pose, she's good looking, and I liked all the elephants.  But, is the old fashioned crank phone on the wall functional or just decorative?  Looking at these two photos, I'm guessing the fifties, and I thought calling the operator and asking for a connection was a long gone thing by then.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Eating Outside

Pretty soon, we'll be eating outside.  Written on the back, "In Rancho Bar-B-Q."