Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fair Weather

Written on the front, bottom border of the print, "On the rocks in fair weather."  I bought it in L.A., so this has to be the pacific Ocean.  I've seen lots of rocks like this one, but which beach, I haven't a clue.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Myself and Marcia

Not myself, myself.  Wrong age, wrong gender,  wrong country.

Written on the back, "To Kim, Love Val, NZ, 1966.  Myself 19 yrs, on the left, and my sister, Marcia (25 yrs)."  I can't think of an explanation for NZ other than New Zealand.  But, why would a friend feel the need to identify herself in a photograph?  If Val is expressing a certain level of affection for her friend Kim, wouldn't Kim already know what Val looks like?  I think I have an explanation, other than a slight touch of OCD, for that.  When I was in grade school, coincidentally, around about 1966, our school entered into a pen pal program.  We were all given the name and address of someone in a foreign country.  I can't remember who I drew or their home country, but I can remember that the correspondence lasted no more than a few letters, which was pretty much the way it was for everyone.  I think Kim and Val might have been the exception, the grade school pen pals who kept writing.  It also explains how this photo ended up in southern California.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Less Than Grand Keerbergen Hotel

It's a long story, but after years of working in photo labs, after an extended period of unemployment, and barely avoided homelessness,  I ended up a member of The Screen Actors Guild.  The funny thing is, when I was a printer I saw 80 to 100 movies a year.  As a member of SAG, I'm lucky if I see 25.  The sad fact is, most of us in the movies, can't afford to go to the movies.  Anyway,  these photos reminded me of the best movie I've seen, so far, this year.  The Grand Budapest Hotel.  The man looks like a concierge.  Too, the second photo reminds that the concierge of the hotel, Gustave H, offered exceptional service to older ladies.

Written on the back of the second photo, "Keerbergen, Juin 1965."  Keerbergen is a  town in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium.  As of 2007, it had a population of 12,500 people.  And yes, it does have a hotel.  

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Got to admit, this post would never had occurred to me if I hadn't been listening to all news radio this morning.  Flash, today's date, December 13, 2014, can be written as 12, 13, 14.  Now, I don't buy into the whole numerology thing, but a lot of people do.  It seems that numerical coincidences like this mark big days for weddings, lottery ticket sales, and casino gambling.  In short, Las Vegas wedding chapels and strip casinos are doing turn away business today.  No idea when this picture was taken, but I'm hoping for January 23, 1945.  In other words, 1, 23, 45.  I was born ten years latter on January 23, 1955.  Close, but no cigar.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Snow Shoeing

It snowed in the mountains of southern California.  If my tires weren't on the bald side, if I had remembered to take the chains out of the trunk of my last car before sending it to the junk yard, I'd spend my weekend snow shoeing.  Of course, I'd leave all the gear behind.  Let's see, rifle, giant frying pan, bucket, blankets, and who knows what else.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Waiting For Snow, Not Godot

Those of us in sunny southern California are waiting for a big winter storm that should bring between two to three inches of rain in L.A., and two to three feet of snow in the local mountains.  Not anywhere near as much as central California and the high Sierra will get, but hey, we'll take what we can get.  I don't know how well this photo will read on people's computers, but take a look at the building on the right.  It looks like the snow is up to the roof, and that these two people might be standing 15 feet above the ground.  Now that's what we need to break the drought, at least for a year.  I'm always amazed that Cal doesn't have water use restrictions in wet years.  We can, after all, pump surplus water into our depleted water tables.

Dated, "Feb 25, 1931."

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Waterbury Paper Box Co. Wedding Album 3

Again, bridesmaids or not?  There are so many explanations it's not practical to list them all.  The photographer clearly liked to use flowers as a prop.  And were these taken in a studio or on location?  The top photo looks like it has a painted backdrop.  The second photo, probably, though it might be a painted wall in a house.

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