Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Salesman

What is this man selling?  Let's see...Argus slide viewers, a home haircut kit, a Kodak Starflash Camera, typewriters, a clock, a tripod, Shaffer pens, a movie projector, and what looks like some sort of audio equipment in the radio, record player, open reel tape recorder type of stuff.  All things I can remember, and some of which, when I was young, I found amazing.  So, pawn shop or general store?

Not Worth Remembering

Written on the back, "Aunt Liz 2nd husbon."  Apart from the poor spelling, the first think I thought about was how many husbands Aunt Liz had.  The number must have been large enough that her family didn't bother to keep track of their names.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back Home In Indiana

No, this picture does not go with the last post that was also from Indiana.  I bought them a couple of weeks apart from two different sellers.  Anyway, it's quite a family.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Miss Smith

Written on the back, "Miss Smith and Joy."  Seen on the license plate, "IND 23."  So, Miss Smith is in Indiana, in 1923, hanging out with young Joy.  But what is the relationship? Was Miss Smith a family friend in a more formal age?  Was she a tutor, governess, servant?  The yellow is on the print.  It looks like someone, possibly Joy, tried their hand at  tinting a print, but gave up.  Miss Smith will not be pleased!

Friday, October 24, 2014

See My Car

In my collecting, I've noticed that people love to pose with cars.  This one is dated "July 1920," just a few years after World War 1, and at the beginning of one of the most expansive bubble economies in American history.  There must have been a lot of photos like this one, people posing with cars, that just a few years earlier, they couldn't have purchased.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This one's labeled "Ferry tender at Cherbourg."  I have no way of knowing, but I hope this photo is from the twenties, the years when the lost generation, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Henry Miller, and many other Americans headed of to Paris to become writers, painters, or drunks.  An era I wish I had seen.

Now, for a bit of shameless self promotion.  Every so often I pick up a few non photographic bits of ephemera.  I also find images from the net that I enjoy visiting from time to time. (Considering my background and interests, it's no surprise that those images are mostly photographs.)  To make things easy, I've put them up on another blog,  For those who have enjoyed this nautically themed post, in the past few months, I've put up an activities schedule from an Italian ocean liner, a passenger list from The Matson Lines, and a nineteenth century oil painting of a S.F. Bay ferry.

Friday, October 17, 2014

An Attractive Couple

I'm not about to scroll back through 1,000 + posts to confirm, but I'm almost certain I've used this title before.  Photos of attractive couples....not exactly uncommon.  Anyway, I'm guessing somewhere in the forties or fifties.  Back when men were well thought of if they bought their wife a fur coat.  Now, it's maybe yes, maybe condemnation and red paint thrown on the mink.