Saturday, April 2, 2011

Robert Pierce

These photos were taken by Robert Pierce, a professional photographer from Michigan at a local camera show sometime in the middle or late 1960s. (Love the imitation Peter Max backdrops.) While I don't know what kind of show it was, it's pretty probable that it was an equipment show geared towards pros and advance amateurs. Most pro photographers, if they had a studio portrait business, would have used a large format camera that would take single exposures on either 4 x 5, or 8 x 10 sheet film. For location work, perhaps a Speed Graphic, Busch Pressman, or a medium format, twin lens like an old Mamiyaflex. I suspect Robert Pierce was trying out a 35mm, shooting some local models supplied by the show sponsors. 5 x 7 is a format that works well with 35mm, with minimum cropping. Printed on fiber base paper. The models in these photos are probably in their late fifties to mid sixties now, and very likely still alive. If you're out there, or if she's your mother, leave a comment.

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