Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green Bay Business College-Christmas Banquet

These are more photos from the Green Bay Business College collection. They were all stuffed in a separate envelope addressed to "Kenneth Bierke 225 Quinton Green Bay, Wisconsin." Typed, but no postage, so it must have been hand delivered. From three different banquets, two with a Christmas theme. In the first photo, directly to the right of the wall decorations, is a couple that will appear in most of the Green Bay Business College pictures. Mr. Bierke and his wife?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nineteenth Century Baseball

America's past time. My prediction, Philadelphia in six.

Minnie Brummond From North Dakota

The name Minnie Brummond keeps reappearing in this small collection of estate photos. The studio portrait of the lady with the lace collar is labeled "Minnie Brummond It's in a folder from "Osborn Studios, Dickinson, N.D." The lady with the rifle is labeled, "Miss Brummond," and the same lady, in the stocking cap, staring into the camera is also labeled "Minnnie Brummond." There is a portrait of two small children, with the little girl wearing a large bow in her hair. No identification, but the girl does have the same strong jaw line as Minnie. The woman in the studio portrait, wearing the large hat is labeled "Minnie's cousin Laura The man in the oval frame is "Edwin Schude." The child in the chair, outside with the fence in the background is labeled, "Sammy." Maybe Samuel, maybe Samantha. There is another studio portrait of a Small child with "CLARICE PEARL SHAFER" written on the front of the print, and written on the back, "Clarice's mother is Minnie's cousin Jenny." Once again, Minnie Brummond. The somewhat out of focus picture with the car with the North Dakota license plate is labeled "Cousins at New England, 1914." The man with the horse is "Joe Marsh." The lady with the cloche hat and the baby on the car fender is stamped, "OSBORN FILM SERVICES QUALITY FINISHING DICKINSON, N.D." The boy on the bicycle is labeled, "Bobby-Velerias 2nd boy has Donald in his carrier on Bicycle. Baby was about 10 months old then." And the photo of the people on the beach, "Taken at Pacific Beach, July 20, 1941." The older woman in the striped dress looks like an older Minnie. The jaw line and ears of the older man to her left seem to match those of Edwin Schude. Is the younger woman Sammy?

Very Old Bicycles

As a cyclist, I do love pictures with bicycles. Vermont is written on the back, but it's a recent label, so it shouldn't be viewed as accurate. Let's guess that the photographer is the owner of the bike in the foreground.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Esther's Graduation 1930

It's always nice to get something that is dated. Written in ink on the front of the photo, "For Aunt Lena, with love, Esther 1930." It appears to be a graduation picture. Note the rolled up diploma in Esther's hand and the prize ribbon on her dress. Too, this is a contact print, size 5x7. Could be high school or college.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crazy French People

Written on the back, "12 Jueller 1936. Faiet de Foutunebleau." They look like they're having fun.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Americans in Paris

Paris in the 20's was the age of the American expatriate. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stein and the lot. On the back of the lady sitting at the table, "Caroline Davis France 1920's" On the back of the standing woman, "Hannah Gersch taken at Longchamps Racetrack in Paris about 1928 or 1929?"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

World War 1, The Argonne

Again, I think these images are rotogravures. I have a pretty good background in conventional photography and can id anything from a daguerreotype to a modern digital print, but obsolete commercial printing ...a bit beyond me. The caption for the image with the shot up helmet, "How the Argonne was won. Like their Indian fighting ancestors the Americans fought from behind trees and bushes, digging a "fox hole" for cover whenever they paused. This photograph was taken by a Signal Corps operator during the advance of the 18th Inf., 1st Div., up the slopes of Hill 240, near Exermont, Oct. 11, 19198. These soldiers fought their way to the top in the face of heavy machine gun fire and drove the enemy from the position. The bullet-torn helmet in the foreground tells the story of a "buddy" who lies "over yonder." The men in the brush, "Hill 240, scene of desperate fighting." The guys with the machine gun, "Machine gunners, 1st Div., in action near Exermont. Oct. 4, 1918." The one with the tank, "Tank and supply wagon blown up north of Fleville." And the one with the wagons on the town street, "Artillery of the 1st Div. entering Fleville. Oct. 12." Not the signal corps. logos.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crime Scene Photos

On the back of the photo of the two men, "Henry Weaver and Leon Olliphant looking over the blood stained stair case of Dr. Foss."

Woman as Man

A woman dressed as a man, probably from the 20's or 30's. A time when it was rare for women to wear pants.

Green Bay Business College- Another Dance

Another picture from the Green Bay Business College package. A dance, but with a different date from the two previous posts. On the back of the photo, "THIS IS A KODACHROME PRINT Made by Kodak WEEK OF FEB. 16-59 RD."

Green Bay Business College-Riverside Dance #2

These square format photos are from the same Green Bay Business College dance as the previous post. Those photos were done by a professional photographer, these look like amateur pictures. Stamped on the backs of the color images, "THIS IS A KODACOLOR PRINT MADE BY EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY T. M. REGIS. U. S. PAT. OFF. Week ending June 23, 1956. Ro 3" With the June 3 post mark from the earlier post, the dance was probably end of May. An end of term dance.

Green Bay Business College-Riverside Dance

I've got a lot of these. A few years ago I purchased a group of pictures from the Green Bay Business College in Green Bay, Wisconsin. There are far too many of them to put up in one post. There is also some variety in the collection. Many of them are family pictures that appear to be family pictures of a faculty member. I'm starting with a small group of pictures that were all in the same envelope. The envelope is addressed to the "Green Bay Business College, 123 S. Washington, Green bay, Wis." The return address is "G. Ashert Studio, De Pere, Wis." The post mark is from De Pere and dated July 2, 1956. The theme of the dance is I Love Paris. There is an image of three guys standing in front of the punch bowl, written on the back, "Three too many." The name Ken Bierke is written on the back of several of the photos.