Monday, March 31, 2014

The Army Hospital Album 33

It looks like our military man has entered civilian life.  The top photo, "Vieva Kost, Marie Edwards."  The second, "Vieva Kost Age 17."  Vieva is such a unique name.  I'd love to know if it's some sort of archaic name that has disappeared from use or if her parents just made it up.  And the final picture, "Ruby April 12, 36."  Yes, I know.  The other photos in this sequence are dated from 1956.  Just based on the clothes and hair, 36 has to be a mistake.

I'll be leaving the army hospital collection (click in labels, etc.) for the next three to five weeks.  When I return to the album, I'll finish it off.  Hey, something to look froward to.

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