Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dear Mother, Don't Worry

I've got too many collections floating around my place.  This one's from an envelope of romantic postcards the seller called his flirtation lot.  Most are clearly photographs that have had color added, some are pure illustration, and some are kind of a guess.  Anyway, I've been putting up examples, off and on, for awhile, and there are still many more to go.

This one appeals to the lazy among us.  A nice explanation for not returning home is conveniently printed on the front, with an open line for the recipient's name.  Well, kind of....Mother did well enough.  It's postmarked, "BROOKLYN, N.Y. STA. SEP 16 8-AM 1910"  It's addressed to "Mrs. Wm. Sperling, Florence Park, Rockville Centre, L.I."  and the message, "Dear Mother, Addie and I met Uncle Rob as we got off the cars.  Don't do any more work than you have to.  Love Cora."  I assume L.I. is Long Island, the cars are street cars.  There's no publisher's name on the card, but it was printed in Germany.

And like most of my collections, other images in the lot can be seen by clicking the magic word in labels at the bottom of the post.  Flirtation.  Have fun.

And finally, anyone in the Los Angeles area between now and March 23 should head on over to LACMA, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and see the Marjorie and Leonard Vernon Collection.  The Vernons were avid photograph collectors, and after their deaths, LACMA bought the 3600 print collection from the estate.  Needless to say, only a very small portion is on display, and with the museum's limited gallery space, the rest of the images may never be seen.  So, it's now or never.  I just made my fifth visit, and it was well worth it.

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