Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Three That Don't Fit, The Travelers Collection

Alright, I get it.  It's that old obsession with posting EVERYTHING from a collection.  These three are from a group of photos that I purchased, from the same family, that had more than a few travel themed photos.  I've been putting them up for awhile, and it's time to end up the collection.  This is the first of the last, all of which will be published in a row.  These first three images don't seem to fit all that well with the others.  The top one of the tennis players could have been taken anywhere.  The middle one sure looks like classic beach front changing room architecture.  And those bluffs, I've seen ones like that from Long Beach California to Santa Monica.  The out the window shot, well it's a bit out of focus, but so what....it's kind of homey.

Click on travelers collection in labels to bring up the lot.

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