Monday, March 10, 2014

The Last One, The Travelers Collection

I didn't save this one for the end because it was my least favorite from the collection.  Just the opposite, I love this snapshot.  It's always a stretch to read things into photos, but at the same time, it's also something that is hard not to do.  There are a lot of possibilities.  Maybe this was a loading the camera shot, something that the digital age has made obsolete.  For those too young to understand what I mean, the film goes in the camera, it has to be advanced to the first frame, so you hit the shutter while winding the film, and maybe, just maybe something good will happen.  I favor a different explanation.  I think the photographer was out with his wife, she started digging through her bags, and it was a there she goes again moment.  One of those little things that can a great irritant or very endearing.  Who knows which it was.  But, the photos in this collection cover quite a few years, so let's think the best.

Click on travelers collection in labels, and this time you really can bring up the whole lot.

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