Friday, March 14, 2014

May I Hope

I might as well stick with the flirtation postcards for a bit, as well as posting another image from De Witt C. Wheeler.  As I noted in an earlier Wheeler post, there's not a lotof info about the man floating around out there.  About all I've been able to dig up is that he produced these sentimental type images for the postcard and magic lantern  trade.  This card was addressed to "Miss Nellie Stilson, Guilford, Me., R.F.D. #1"  It's got a faded postmark from 1908, and that's all I can make out.  What's a bit weird is that, even though this card has a divided back for personal messages, there isn't any.  Miss Stilson's suitor must have been somewhat inarticulate.  Or maybe, just maybe, he thought this card spoke for him.

Click on flirtation to bring up the collection, or if you want to edit things a bit, De Witt C. Wheeler.

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