Saturday, May 31, 2014


I had to dig into the vintage dictionary collection to find a definition for asthore.  (N)  Irish, my treasure: a term of endearment.  For the record, spell check doesn't recognize asthore.  How disappointing.

Written on an undivided back, "Mrs Jos. H. Stock, Hillsboro Lower Village, N.H. c/o J W Jackman"  Also, two postmarks, "WHITERIVER JUNCTION, 2:30 pm, APR 30, 1907"  and "HILLSBORO BRIDGE, N.H. MAY 1, 4 PM, 1907 REC'D."  Published by Bamforth & Co., Holmforth England, and New York City.  They were in business from 1870 through 1990.  They opened their New York Office in 1906.

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