Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mystery History 4

More marching men!  Two observations from today's post.  The first is the visitation of the Patriarch.  Let's be honest, throughout history,  military and militias have always sought the blessing of the local priest, preacher, whatever.  The second, take a look at the kids in picture six.  They're playing something that looks a whole lot like a pick-up baseball game.  While that would indicate a picture taken in the United States, there is another explanation.  It's part of the national history that people came to America, but what's rarely mentioned is that many of those immigrants went back home.  So, kids come to the U.S. at a very young age, spend their formative years in America,  they're parents go home with the children, and the kids miss all sorts of things, like baseball.  And then comes one of the most brutal wars in history.  If those kids were hauled back to eastern Europe, many of them would have died in the conflict.  And if anyone out there recognizes the building in the final picture, let me know.

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