Monday, May 19, 2014

Mystery History 3

As promised, a date and Cyrillic writing.  When I was younger, I spoke a somewhat conversational Russian.  I could order a meal, find a bathroom, but would have been baffled by a doctor's office.  In any case, I'm sure it's Cyrillic, but not Russian.  As far as the year, 1938, it was a good one for uniforms.  From Balkan nationalists, to political extremists, parading around in uniform was quite common.  And, not just in Europe.  The United States had it's fair share of paramilitary groups roaming the countryside, with The German American Bund the most prominent.  It's hard to imagine, but yes, Hitler youth walked the streets of the United States.  I have no idea where any of the photos in this collection were taken.  They might all have come from eastern Europe, the U.S., or both.  All I know for sure was that they were purchased from an EBay dealer in Wisconsin.  Translations welcome.


  1. First one says:
    “The Qinzhou Monument.
    Year 1938
    To the soldiers murdered during the siege of Port Arthur”
    And the second “During the prayer”

  2. It's in Russian.