Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunshine, My Sunshine-Not

Gotta love the penciled in editorial comment on the front of the card.  I just wonder, was it "not" in 1908, or was "not" written in by some 21st century cynic.  Anyway, it's nice to have one of these old postcards that actually has a photographers copyright.  I've posted some other cards with a De Witt C. Wheeler credit.  All I've been able to find out about the man was that he made sentimental magic lantern slides, and sold photos to postcard publishers.  This card is part of a series of cards, illustrating lyrics from popular songs, published by Theodor Eismann of Leipzig and New York.  The company was in business form 1908 to 1914.  I have no idea what put them under, but the 1914 date is telling.  I can't imagine an international publishing house surviving World War 1.  While it's true that the United States was neutral until 1917, it's also true we favored the Entente right from the start

Addressed to "Mr. J. Albion Dunlap, West Southport, Me."  And the message, "Wasn't I lucky to get a picture of you and yours.  C.E.D."  There is a postmark, but the town name is too faded to read.  I can make out, "AUG 11 AM 1908"

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