Wednesday, May 7, 2014


As I've noted before, I love pictures of people holding cameras.  The car and the clothing indicate 1930s.  The photograph was purchased in California, so the coastline, probably, the  Pacific Ocean.  And the road, The Pacific Coast Highway, or as those of us who actually live on the west coast say, the PCH. The camera design could be an early 35mm, though there have been many cameras made, with that same general configuration, that used other film formats.  So why have I titled this post Quartet when there are only three people in the photograph?  Well, someone had to take the picture.

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  1. Did you know it's only people in Southern California that call it PCH? When I moved down there I couldn't figure out what people were talking about. Up north it's just Route 1 which has a completely different feel than PCH. It's Big Sur and the ragged coast up through Mendocino. Calling it PCH up here would be far too laid back for the drama of the ocean views.

    People with cameras, always a good category.