Thursday, May 8, 2014

Moo Two, Too Many Cattle

The third photo in the column looks like it could be a 4H auction.  For those unfamiliar with the 4H, it's a national youth group for farm kids.  I wasn't in the 4H, but I did grow up in a small, rural town, with lots of farm kids in our school.  One of the assignments most 4H kids had was to raise a cow or a pig and then sell them at auction.  I always wondered how they could do it.  New born calf or piglet, raised almost from birth.  There had to be some sort of emotional attachment, and it must have been hard to send that animal off to another owner, or even to slaughter.  That's part of the deal of being a farmer, they were raised to it, and I guess that's what got them through.

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