Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wallet Photos

When I worked at the photo labs, I hated printing wallet photos.  It wasn't that they were harder to print than any other photo, it was, that when I was done printing, I had to spend time with a razor blade and  T-square trimming everything down to size.  The labs that I worked didn't really cater to that market, but every once in awhile....Let's just say that trimming out 100 wallet prints has to be one of the dullest jobs on earth.

Fun fact, credit cards are the size that they are because of wallet photos.  It didn't take long after the invention of photography for wallet makers to realize that people would want to carry photos of their family and friends around in their pocket.  When credit cards came along, it was obvious, that if they were made the same size as a wallet photo, there would be a ready made slot for them.  Today, as all those photos get transferred to smart phones,  all that's left in the wallet are credit cards and a driver's license, also the size of a wallet photo.

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