Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Interview

At first glance this one seems pretty straight forward.  Two people sitting in a living room.  Well dressed, so maybe a party or a couple getting ready to go out for the evening.  But then, we see the microphone, and the man holding some papers.  Is it someone's home, or is it an office of some kind?  There is a piano and some chairs, but no couch.  A waiting room, maybe.  The woman is paying attention to the man, but is she also speaking into the microphone?  Is she someone famous being interviewed?  On the radio, perhaps, or maybe a recording?  Does the piano indicate that she's a musician, or is it just a bit of furniture, a bit of status for the middle class?  Even the picture in the background raises questions.  It has a label on the frame, so probably not a family photo.  Is that little metal plate for the benefit of visitors, or did it just come with the picture, bought at a local furniture store?  Such a small photograph, but so many mysteries.  Dated, "OCT 58"

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