Sunday, August 11, 2013

The North Texas State Normal College Album 31, The Loose Ones

Stamped on the back of the first print in the column, "Koen Studio, Plainview, Texas"  Two teachers on summer break?  Could be.  I know it's hard to read flopped printing, but take a close look at the bottom boarder on the second photo.  "NITRATE FILM"   Camera film base was once made of nitrates, a highly flammable, unstable concoction that, over time, would liquefy.  Motion picture nitrate film stock was considered so dangerous that it wasn't allowed on buses, planes, or passenger trains.  Film companies would eventually develop safety film, and end the danger of nitrate film caused movie theater fires.  And the bottom picture...Well, it's possible that the boy was named Emma.  I went to school with a guy named Janet.  His mother died in child birth, and he was named for her.  Looking back on it, it was  kind of cruel.  Every time he signed his name, it was a reminder that his mother died when he was born.  In any case, written on the back, "To Aunt Etta.  Rotan, age 14."  Rotan isn't much better than Emma.

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