Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Mystery Location

Every so often, I like to throw one of these mystery location photos out into the blog universe in hope that someone out there will recognize where it was shot.  The kneeling people suggest a church, as does the building facade.  The only info on the back of the photo is a stamp, "16.4.73" which i'm interpreting as 16 April 1973.  Not an American (By that I mean United States.) usage, but where?  And finally, this one came from the grab bag of photos, an envelope of pictures I bought, unseen, with 100 snapshots.  The grab bag was bought is southern California, so that might give an edge to Mexico or central America.  Of course, that's far from certain.  California has a lot of immigrants from places other than Latin America, and throw in tourism, in the end , it's all just guess work.

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