Monday, March 21, 2011

Zuver Studios

Lewis W. Zuver was a professional photographer in Butler, Pennsylvania. He was active from the late nineteenth century into the early twentieth century. He had a brother, Leonard Zuver, who had a studio in Tionesta, Pa., and a sister Mary Zuver West who was also a professional photographer who specialized in portraits of women and children who had a studio in Bradford, Pa. There is a small, difficult to see, embossed logo on the photo directly underneath the portrait. It has what I think is a horse, with a Z underneath, in a shield, with "ZUVER STUDIO, BUTLER, PA." around the outside of the shield.


  1. Very interesting that all these siblings had their own studios.

  2. Thanks for the Info on Zuver Studio. We just came across my grandmother's high school graduation class portraits. It was listed as BHS Jan. 1914. As we were unsure which school this was due to only the Initials being listed, we searched and the web. The Zuver Studio was listed with the student names so we were able to identify this as Butler High School. Yeah!! Now we have the question--Was January the annual graduation for everyone at that time? Any Ideas??