Friday, March 25, 2011

More of the Currie Boys

A friend of mine who had taken a couple of psychology courses and fancied herself a therapist once told me that my tendency to collect things was about a need to apply order to a chaotic life. Personally, I think I just like stuff. In any case, I started this blog to bring some order to a chaotic collection of old photographs, and in doing so, somehow or another these three shots of the Currie boys got separated from a couple of shots that were posted on 10/19/10. Written on the back of the balding Currie boy, "Thos. G. Currie, 323 Electric Av. E. Pittsburg, Pa. Return to Mrs. D. Currie, 323 Electric Av. E. Pittsburg, Pa." On the back of seated, civilian Currie, "Donald Currie." The E. Pittsburg is for East Pittsburg, along the Monongahela River. Probably from World War 1. Printed on postcard stock.

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  1. Stay away from people with stacks of Psychology Today magazine in their closet. Sometimes a turnip is just a turnip.

    The most screwed up always seem to be those who have read too many psych books. It was a joke at a publishing house I once worked at that when working on Abnormal Psych books you would find each day a new illness that applied to you as you went through the manuscript.

    That fellow looks like he's ready to bolt from that chair.