Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Times In The Great Depression, The Town & Country Album 2

This is part two of two. Navigate back one post to see the entire album in order. Part two expands things from guests to staff. When I purchased this small album, some of the photos were missing. The seller told me that he hadn't removed any of the photos, and since some of the photos were loose and falling out, that's very possible. Of the loose images, only a few had any information written on the back. The staff photo of the women standing on the steps, written on the back, "Marty Wilson" Could be the same Martha Wilson, the presumed owner of the album. The interesting question is why the owner would have to label her own picture. The final two pictures in the album, the woman holding her folding Kodak camera is dated, "Sun. Sept. 2, 34." I think that it's likely that the young woman is Martha Wilson. The Johnston's ad on the inside of the back cover was under the last photo. I was hoping that I could get a location after a little research into company, but was unable to find any information on the actual business, but I did find a Johnston's ad on an online auction sight that listed locations in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Oakland.

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