Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Carte de Visite Album 2

Continuing with the carte de visite album. Most of these either are in the album, back to back or have no studio identification. The two children with the hand colored sashes, "Coatsworth, Photographer, Opposite Wyoming House, Scranton." That's Scranton, Pennsylvania in the Wyoming river valley. And the final child, "R. D. PALMER, PHOTOGRAPHER And Portrait Painter, Huron Street, East of Cook's Hotel, Ann Arbor, Mich." In the first post from this album, I speculated that this family might have moved from Scranton to Sioux City, Iowa, but another explanation is an extended family with branches here and there around the country. Or at least the states that had been admitted by the end of the civil war. Click on the woman with the braids. Didi she make a necklace from her hair.

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