Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Carte de Visite Album 4

Done! I manged to get every image from this album scanned into the computer without damaging a thing. Only one of the images has an exposed back that also has information on it. Printed on the back of the third single image of a woman, "Bogardus, Photographer, 363 Broadway Cor. Franklin St." There's more, very likely a Scranton address, but I'd have to take the cdv out of the page and I don't want to risk any damage. There are three non photographic bits of ephemera in the album. In the nineteenth century women routinely died in childbirth and the child mortality rate was around 30%. People had a tendency to be very sentimental about women and small children, and it shows in the pictures that the owner of this album chose to put in her album, and while I don't know for sure, I think that touch points to a woman owner. Perhaps she had lost a child. To see this album in order, navigate back to part one and go through the posts in order.

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