Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miscellaneous Ladies

So why do I have so many snapshots of women in my collection? For the obvious reason, of course. We men hog the camera. Every so often I'll find a small envelope of photos that have been grouped by theme, but are otherwise unrelated. I'll buy it for the best image and post that photo here. These are the left overs. There are some nice images, and a few duds, but for what it's worth, 20 miscellaneous ladies. Not a lot written on these. The first one in the column, the young girl staring at the camera, the neck of a bottle in front of her, "March 1952." The three women, two standing, one sitting, "Evelyn Ashe, Eugenia Ashe, Elizabeth Brook (L-R) W. Va., 1952." Very likely a multi-generational portrait. And that's it as far a labeling goes. The woman sitting on the cement steps has what I think of as a kind of severe beauty.The print of the rather evil looking lady on the floral couch, with the strange lighting from below, throwing shadows. Well, for anyone old enough to remember cathode ray, black & white televisions, those sets were like a camp fire with the way they threw flickering light. And the older lady, also on a floral couch, note that she must have been a bowler. There is a skirted bowling trophy on the end table, but far more interesting is the collection of photographs on the couch beside her. I'd love to be able to see what she was looking at. And the one color print, with the bulletin board on the wall with the school pennant, got to be the big dance that night. I'm sure her date was told to have her home by eleven.

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