Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Times In The Great Depression, The Town & Country Album 1

This is part one of two. When two photos are on the same page, I'll show the whole page to show position. When there is only one photo per page it will be scanned in as a single image. This album is dated 1934, during the great depression. By 1934, the absolute worst of the depression had passed and things were starting to turn around. At it's nadir, there was around 30% unemployment, and at a time when the majority of women didn't work, that probably actually translated to around half of the American population out of work. But no matter how hard things get, there are always some people who do well. This small album shows some of those lucky ones for whom the good life of the roaring twenties never ended. A country club, or a rural resort? Whatever the location, these people were having a good time. Written on the inside front page of the album, "Martha Wilson" Written on the margin of the first photo, "Poppy Day"

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