Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Young Couples In Love 1

This is another one of those collections put together by a dealer of, generally, unrelated photos built around a common theme. In this case, young, affectionate couples. One of the pleasures of collecting old snapshots is speculating about the lives of the subjects. Who is madly in love with whom; who has that unmistakable "I hope this isn't the biggest mistake of my life" look; who is the dominant member of the relationship, and it's not always the man. Take a look at the photo of the confident looking lady whose beau stares at her profile. The couple standing next to the telephone poll look like they can't wait to get back to the motel. There isn't much info on these photos. Not one has any writing on them. The couple standing on the walkway leading up to the front door of a house, he's in a checked jacket, she's wearing a hat and two tone shoes, on the back, a processor's stamp, "THIS Thrifty PRINT FINISHED APR 4 1939 GUARANTEED BY THRIFTY DRUG STORES" The rather stiff looking couple, a bit off center, trees in the background, she's wearing glasses, "Genuine VELOX Photo Paper. ROLL DEV., 8 PRINTS. HOLD-PAT ALBUM, 25C. THE BALDWIN STUDIO. ST. LOUIS, MO. SUMMER 1942." The other stiff looking couple, second from last in the group, white clothing, a bit of palm tree seen above them, there is a very smeared, but still recognizable Fox Photo Finishers logo on the back. Fox was located in San Antonio, Texas and did a big mail order business in the south. Just so you know, on December 18, 2010, I posted one image from this group, separately. "Los Angeles Border." Go back through the archives to find out why I thought it was so distinctive. Part two (Or three, depending how one looks at it.) to be posted in the next couple of days.

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