Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Soldiers Home

Published by Underwood, & Underwood one of the largest publishers of stereoview cards in the United States. (Click on stereoview in the labels section for more information on the history of the stereoview.) The caption reads, "Old Soldiers at Dinner-dinning room capacity 2,000-Soldier's Home, Dayton, Ohio. Copyright 1902 by Underwood & Underwood." A quick glance at the image and it's clear that many of the men in this photo were veterans of the Civil War. After the war, the first fraternal organization to deal with veteran's rights, The Grand Army of the Republic was formed. It was through their efforts that many of the veteran's homes in the United States were built. The GAR was dissolved in 1956 when Albert Woolson, the last veteran of the Civil War died. 1956 was the year after the year I was born.

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