Friday, January 7, 2011

Green Bay Business College- Vacation Snapshots

Well, this is a close to a New Year's resolution as I'll ever get. It's time to finish off the Green Bay Business College collection. A few years ago I purchased a large envelope of prints, addressed to Kenneth Bierke, care of the Green Bay Business College. From pictures of school dances in the 50's, to family and vacation pictures, to color photos of Mrs. Bierke during World War 2, there is quite a lot of material. I'm the first to admit that this group isn't the most interesting of the lot, but click on Green Bay in the labels section, and they will not disappoint. The next post will be the last. And by the way, I was even able to locate the Prince Arthur Hotel. It was opened on March 14, 1911 by the Canadian National Railway in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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