Monday, January 24, 2011

Arawak Hotel, Jamaica, W.I.

I have a number of hotel, nightclub, restaurant, and even a cruise line souvenir photo folder in the collection. This one is a bit different. Rather than well dressed people sitting around a table, drinks in hand, a group of tourists getting wet. I was able to find lots of reviews of The Arawak Hotel but nothing on it's history. I was able to find a vintage luggage label with a picture of the hotel with the abbreviation B.W.I. which stands for British West Indies. Jamaica gained it's independence from Great Britain in 1962. So we know that the hotel was built before 1962, but this picture was taken after independence, since the abbreviation W.I. was only used after Jamaica's break from Britain. The Arawak Hotel is located in Ocho Rios on Mammee Bay. One of the activities that the hotel offers is tours of Dunn's River where guests can climb the falls. It looks like that's what these folks are doing. Those one piece swim suits have to be from the sixties. Click on souvenir photo folders in the labels section to pull up some of the other photos in the collection.

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