Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rainbow Club, Topeka, Kansas

I have a number of these old souvenir photo folders in the collection. (Click on nightclub or souvenir photo folder in the labels section to see others.) Before and during World War 2, many peoples idea of a great time on Saturday night was to get dressed up, go out to a club, have dinner and dance to what ever big band was playing. After the war, the ball room/nightclub began to loose some of it's appeal. Big bands would give way to jazz combos, and then jazz's very brief period of main stream popularity would yield to rock and roll, and the era of the nightclub would die. This image is from that period of transition. Written in pencil on the back of the folder, "10-22-49, Russ Stevenson's Birthday." The Rainbow Club looks more like an old fashioned road side diner, and at that, not a particularly nice one. Stamped on the back of the folder, "For extra copies, Contact Jayhawker 1356 Medford Photo No. T638 Topeka, Kansas." Stamped on the back of the photo, "Jayhawker Commercial Photos 1356 Medford, Topeka, Kansas." I did a search on this club, both in Topeka and all of Kansas, and couldn't find anything.

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