Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Waterbury Paper Box Co. Wedding Album 5

I certainly have more control with the new scanner, but I'm still not sure how well I can make it work. There was something reassuring, but also frustrating about having to take what the machine provided.

Anyway, let's forget my frustrations for a moment.  The second photo looks more like the bridesmaid, rather than the bride.  The first photo, a studio portrait, but what kind?  Did the woman just want a nice picture of herself, or was it taken as part of the whole marriage process?

Click on Waterbury Box Co. Album in labels to bring up the lot.


  1. Looks very nice! I love the necklace in the first photo

  2. I think the first might be her engagement photo, the second as a bride. I think it's the same woman. What a difference a smile can make.