Thursday, January 1, 2015

All Hail The Wine Queen!

Seriously, all hail The Wine Queen, AKA "Lieselotte I, Rudesheimer Weinkonigin 69/70."

Rudesheim am Rhein is a wine making town in the Rhine Gorge in Germany.  Rudesheim, as towns go, isn't all that large.  In 2013, it had a grand total of 9,733 residents.  Despite it's small size, it's the second largest attractant of foreign tourists, in Germany, bettered only by Cologne Cathedral.   The images I saw on line were very picturesque, but I suspect it's the wine festival that packs 'em in.  Every summer, the Wine Queen and her Princesses are chosen for a one year term.  The Queen and her Court represent Rudesheim at other wine festivals.  That's a pretty big wine glass.  I hope the wine royalty don't get pulled over.  I don't think they could pass a breathalyzer test.

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