Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Arden Ice Cream

I do love it when there are signs in the backgrounds of photographs.

 Take a look to the left and see an advertising sign for Arden Ice Cream.  Arden Dairies started operations in 1904, in El Monte California, now a suburb of Los Angeles.  It soon became one of the largest milk producers in the state.  In 1930, Arden merged with California Dairies, Inc., a subsidiary of Western Dairy Products of Seattle Washington.

  I couldn't find any evidence that Arden is still in business, but I was able to find a reference to Arden from 1955  (Judging by the clothes, about the time this photo was taken.)  They were being sued by Balian Dairies for lowering their ice cream prices below production costs, in Los Angeles County, so that it wouldn't be possible for other ice cream makers to survive.   Unfortunately, I couldn't find an outcome.


  1. Looks like a 1941 Chevy in the background. I love signs and cars in the old photos.

  2. I have memories of Arden Dairy, but not sure why. Maybe when I lived in the San Diego area in the '50s. I have found several old shots with Hershey Ice Cream signs in the background.