Sunday, January 11, 2015


 How much do I enjoy posting old photos on this blog.  It started out as a way of organizing an ever growing collection of cabinet cards, snapshots, real photo postcards, and nothing more.   Anyway, as time passed, I came to really enjoy posting my collection.

Fact is, my circa 1998 computer just died.  I picked up a nice, refurbished computer and thought I was well on my way to more and more found photography on the net.  Sadly, while I was able to download the software for my equally old scanner, the new system won't work with that scanner's drivers. (I also wasn't able to retrieve my files.)  Sooner or latter, I'll pick up another scanner.  I've already sent emails to Craig's List sellers, and with any luck I'll pick up something soon.  If not, be patient.  The New Found Photography is down for awhile, with luck, no more than a few days.  But if it's longer than that, rest assured, some day.

In the mean time Fair Use is still up and running.  I've just posted three new photos, with more photographs, paintings, and other assorted web finds to come.

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  1. I hope you can find one soon. After scanning a batch of 500 photos, I can attest that when a scanner just stops for no good reason, it sure can be frustrating.