Monday, January 5, 2015

Jolly Evenings

I'm sticking with collections for the next few days, and this one goes back to May 4, 2013 for the first post from this lot.  To recap, I was offered an envelope of postcards that the seller referred to as a flirtation collection.  Each postcard has a romantic theme, some, like this one, clearly started out as photographs, some as pure illustration, and some...well, let's just say that I use my best judgement as to whether that particular card belongs here, on The New Found Photography, or if it should be posted on Fair Use, a blog I keep for non photographic bits of ephemera and images I've found on the web.

This card was published by The Taylor Art Company, from Philadelphia, PA, in business from 1907-1908.  Not a very successful business.  This one's copyrighted 1908.  I've always been puzzled by the initials M.D.T., in the lower right corner.  T, must by Taylor, but the other letters, who knows.  This card was never sent, and nothing is written on the back.

Click on flirtation in labels to go back and see what's published.  Do the same on Fair Use.

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