Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Surgeon's Album Page, The Front Side

Not the most sanitary conditions in the surgical theater.  Bare hands, an empty basin on the floor, two people without masks.  Truly, not an era to get cut open by the local sawbones.  Not a thing written on either side of this old album page, and no clue as to location.

I do have to wonder, though.  When these photos were taken, would a surgeon live and work  in a small town?  I was born in a small town hospital.  It was owned by the county.  The staff doctors and nurses were all government employees.  My parents were billed costs, and nothing else.  Oh my God!  There was socialized medicine in America, in 1955!  So yes, I think it quite possible that  these photos could have been taken in some small town, somewhere in the United States.

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