Monday, September 16, 2013

The North Texas State Normal College Album 33, The Loose Ones

I've decided to wrap up The North Texas State Normal College collection, so over the next four or five days, I'll be putting up the last of the loose photos.

The only one of the images with any writing is the color shot of the kid on the tricycle.  On the back, "Tim Garner 2 years Oct. 11, 1966"  My best guess is that the oldest pictures in this collection date from the mid to late twenties, so a photo from 1966 shows quite a time range.

I'm also breaking a bit of a precedent.  Generally, unless it's distinctive, when I scan photos, I crop out the decorative borders.  I kept them on image number four to illustrate just how those borders are made.  Many people think they're on the paper itself.  Not so.  They're projected.  An enlarger mask is used.  Usually made from a sheet of acetate, what prints black is clear on the mask, what prints white is black.  And the center, where the photo is, is clear.  The grayish area above the kids isn't sky, it's where the negative wasn't put in the mask correctly.  That gray area is actually an area exposed, on the neg,  to white light, that when developed, ends up as a black on the negative.  Too, take a look at the upper left corner of the decorative border.   See how it's softer than the rest.  It's either drop off, where the mask wasn't quite square in the enlarger, or the exposure was long, and the extra light bled through.

As usual, click on NTSNC in the labels section at the bottom of the post to bring up the whole lot.

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