Sunday, September 8, 2013

Are You Ready For Steeler Football

First of all, I want to express my disappointment that Steeler comes up as a misspelling.  What's America coming to?

It's opening week for the NFL, and it's time to celebrate another season of Pittsburgh Steeler football.  I confess, I wouldn't have bought these photos from 1984 if I hadn't grown up in a small town fifty miles from downtown Pittsburgh.  Even though I've spent more than half my life in Los Angeles, I'm still a Pirate, Penguin and Steeler fan.  My Steelers, we never lose.  Sometimes the game ends before we win.

I've gone on line and have been able to identify some of the players in the photos.  Number 82 is Hall of Fame wide receiver John Stallworth.  90, Bob Kohrs, 38, Elton Veals, 78, Mark Catano, 49, Dwayne Woodruff, 60, Randy R. Rasmussen, 40, Anthony Corley, and 94, Terry Echols.  And the mystery, number 87.  The final Steeler roster from 1984 listed 87 as Weegie Thompson.  I couldn't make out the name on 87's uniform, but the number of letters is wrong.  These photos were taken at the Steeler training camp at Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and some of the guys in these photos didn't make the final roster.  Weegie must have inherited 87 latter.  And let's not forget, The Terrible Towel.

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