Sunday, September 22, 2013

The North Texas State Normal College Album 36, The Loose Ones

This is it.  The end, finito, it's all up.  The last of The North Texas State Normal College collection.  Thirty-six separate posts that can be accessed by clicking NTSNC in the labels section at the bottom of this post.

It's not just the old photos that I'm drawn to in my collecting.  It's trying to figure out the stories behind the images.  Sometimes it's easy.  Names, places, and descriptions are added to photos, and from that info it's easy to infer some sort of life story.  And, thanks to the internet, it's sometimes possible to actually look up an on-line biography.

 No such luck with this lot.  A normal college, in the first several decades of the twentieth century, was where teachers went for training.  There are some photos in the actual album that could be college pictures, but mostly, it's family photos.  Rural family photos.  There are a couple of names written in the back of the album, Miss Cypert and Mrs. Rollins.  Without first names or an exact location, it wasn't possible to find anything on-line.  The loose pictures have plenty of school photos, pretty much cementing the school teacher assumption, but beyond that....nothing much.  Since only a handful of the school photos have names, and student photos at that, it's not even possible to tell which person is Miss Cypert or Mrs. Rollins, or what their relationship, if any, might have been.  Frustrating, but it's still been a good run.

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