Monday, April 22, 2013

Aloha, Bon Voyage, And All That Stuff

It's always problematic trying to read personalities form photographs.  This one presents a rather interesting contrast.  Twins, one crying, with her arms crossed in a classic defensive posture, even for a small child, and the other, all confidence, staring into the camera.  Did little miss confidence push the crier around.  Did she dominate, leading her sibling into all sorts of scrapes.  Or maybe, the crying sister is mad because her parents wouldn't let her stand on the ship's rail.  Maybe the crying child is the dominate one, all angry because she wasn't allowed to go and do something fun,but dangerous.

Note that the sisters are wearing leis.  That doesn't mean they are headed to Hawaii, though.  They could be on a day trip to Catalina or even Nantucket.  From the late forties through early fifties would be my guess.

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