Friday, April 5, 2013

Small Photographs From Bloomington, Illinois

Yet another example of a dealer who broke up a photo album for greater profit for him, and greater frustration for me.  I asked him if he knew anything about these photos and he told me that he thought they were from an album owned by the L.E. Johnson family of Bloomington, Illinois, and he thought that one of these women was named Mildred McClintock, and the man was Paul.  Sadly, he had already sold the pages with captions and was just guessing.  And yes, they are tiny.  The width of the page is less than four inches and the smallest photos are a bit under half an inch square.  At that size, they don't scan well and they blow up even worse.  I've got a few loose pictures that the dealer thinks may go with the album but isn't really sure.  They'll be in the next post.   They're tiny too.

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