Thursday, April 18, 2013

California Prosperity

I've just been to a favorite antique mall, checked the photo guy's booth, and found three new snapshots, all the same format, same weight paper, and all from the same period.  I'm about 95% certain that they're all from the same family, so I'm going to publish them one right after another.

This first one is the only one with any information on the print.  Stamped on the back, "PRINTED BY MERICK REYNOLDS CO., 222 SO. BROADWAY, LOS ANGELES, CAL."  I did my due diligence and ran a search for Merick Reynolds, but didn't find much.  A couple of other photos with the same stamp, reference to a Merick Reynolds Gallery that showed California landscape paintings, a book, Famous Southern California Scenes, published in 1902 by Merick Reynolds, Jr.,  a listing for him as a photographic agent, and as a photographer in his own right.

And finally, I think these new three photos are also related to my Eating Watermelon post from April 4.  Don't be lazy, scroll back and have a look.

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