Sunday, April 21, 2013

Playing In California

This one has  a wealth of detail.  The car, the new homes, the photographer's shadow, the the two kids sitting in the wagon.  I'm not sure what prized possession the boy is holding, but the little girl has her doll and it's bed on the ground.  Of course, it also looks like she's about to stomp on her toys.  And finally, the mountains in the background.  The San Gabriels.  I know that notch in the ridge line, so depending on the angle, somewhere in the western end of the San Gabriel Valley, with Pasadena a strong possibility.  Anyway, as noted before, I'm about 95% certain that the photos from the last few posts are all from the same family, so I've gone back and added a new tag in the labels section.  Click on SGV family and they'll all come up.  With luck, I'll find some more photos from this collection  next time I go back to the antique mall, and if I do, I'll reserve the SGV family tag  for them.

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