Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Fairview Motel

Before Motel 6, before the Best Western, there were a lot of these small, family owned motels all over America.  And then, the interstate highway system was built, bypassing small towns, and isolating all those motels from cross country travelers.  Those small motels would give out postcards for their guests, kind of a cheap advertising method.  I have to wonder how many people thought that a motel card was a better choice than one of the local tourist attraction.

And the caption on the back, "FAIRVIEW MOTEL, 3230 Commercial Ave., Madison 4, Wisconsin.  Free Television-Radio-Air-Conditioned Phone Cherry 4-9996.  On Highway 30 just off 51 and 151  Restaurants Nearby.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Biehl."

I wonder how many rooms,per night,  Mr and Mrs Biehl had to rent to break even. .

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